Urban farmers working on compromise for growth

Published: Apr. 10, 2018 at 2:56 PM EDT
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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - Urban farmers in Toledo may soon have better guidelines to follow.

Right now, people who garden or farm in the city are not sure what the rules are.

So the Urban Agriculture Alliance of urban farmers was created to develop new procedures for a possible compromise with the city.

Sean Nestor with the Urban Agriculture Alliance says, "Wwhy are we putting up barriers and bureaucracy and paperwork and permits in front of something that's easy to do and should be easy to do and solve so many problems in the community?"

Toledo city councilman, Sandy Spang, says, "We need to move forward and have clear legislation so we can encourage these activities."

Wednesday at 4pm in council chambers, the Zoning and Planning committee will consider some rules that would allow urban farmers to sell their produce without getting a permit or even use water that's not drawn from the city.