Residents are tired of illegal dumping on Norwood near Clinton

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 4:57 PM EDT
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Residents are fed up with the mounds of tires and trash being dumped in their neighborhood.

"Nobody on Norwood is OK with this," one resident said.

Residents who live on Norwood near Clinton are tired of people using their street as a illegal dumping ground. There are mounds of tires, couches, mattresses, toilets and other debris. A resident says it's frustrating to see this on his street.

"You can’t get through, there’s so much trash on both sides from people just riding through, just throwing stuff out of the back bin of the truck or car," they said.

After a phone call, the City of Toledo sent a supervisor from Code Enforcement to document the mess. Casey Diggins took pictures and said the location is a problem area. He says the city cleaned up the area several times last year.

"We have to come up with other strategies that will address this problem other than just continuing to clean it up. That’s where we are right now," said Diggins.

"When I say there's no excuse, the reason I say that is because code enforcement inspectors work eight hours a day five days a week 30 days a month, 365 days a year. So somehow or another in your travels someone should have saw this or observed this," said councilman Tyrone Riley.

The city of Toledo sent crews to the dumping site to clean up the debris. They say it will take some time to remove the tires.