Fall Flower Care

Published: Oct. 15, 2019 at 7:32 AM EDT
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Mums and some veggies can withstand colder temperatures, but other flora should be brought inside to ensure re-growth.

Whiteford Greenhouse has many mums in bloom and suggests planting them as soon as possible, usually by November 1st, to ensure the best comeback next fall season.

Kale and cabbages can withstand the cold well into freezing temperatures, but will eventually die off as the season progresses.

"We have ornamental cabbage and kale that love the cold temperatures," says owner Cypress Urrutia. "The center color of them whether it's purple or white will amplify as the cooler temperatures arrive."

Bensell's Greenhouse specializes more in houseplants, they advise to bring any other plants inside, but not to be alarmed if they begin to lose their leaves or droop. This does not mean the plants have died, but they are adjusting to the change in temperature, which may change the way you water the plant.

"Less watering is probably appropriate this time of year and then again when the heat starts to run in the wintertime and it gets really cold and dry you want to up your watering again," says Mary Machon of Bensell's.

Both greenhouses advise that any leftover perennials should be planted by now to ensure they sprout back up next Spring.