Ohio's role in the latest era of American space travel

Published: May. 27, 2020 at 8:38 PM EDT
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The anticipation is only growing stronger in these parts with today's launch called off at Kennedy Space Center.

Crew Dragon Demo-2 would not be on the launch pad if it wasn't for a trip to Ohio by Crew Dragon Demo-1. It underwent two tests at Plum Brook Station near Sandusky in the summer of 2018.

"Making sure it can handle the stresses of space, we did that in our in our in space propulsion facility, and SpaceX wanted to test it against the strains of going super sonic up in the air, we can put more forces on it than any other place on earth to make sure the mechanical structure can withstand the rigors of the shock waves," said Plum Brook Station Director, David Stringer.

The station has played a key role in preparing SpaceX and NASA for the next frontier. Not only sending American astronauts back to space from American soil, but a return to the Moon and even a trip to Mars.

Crew Dragon Demo-2 which is now scheduled to launch Saturday will head to the International Space Station and that's where another key moment will happen for our area. NASA worked with a number of local partners (University of Akron, University of Toledo, the Ohio Space Institute, Vantage Partners, and Parker Hannifin) to develop spacecraft seals used on Crew Dragon that will help it connect to the International Space Station during docking, allowing astronauts and cargo to safely transition between the spacecraft and the ISS.