Metroparks Meetup: Cannaley Treehouse Village

Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 5:51 PM EDT
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It is finally time for a new attraction from Metroparks Toledo to open for the public - a massive village set in the trees of Oak Openings Metropark.

The Cannaley Treehouse Village is ready for guests as last minute tweaks are underway with the official ribbon cutting this Wednesday.

"We've had some of our donors and supporters come in and spend the night and give us feedback," Metroparks Toledo spokesperson Scott Carpenter said. "So some of the things you're seeing being tweaked were from the advice of those who actually stayed. There is no better way to test it than that."

Those who already had a chance to stay here know about all of the little design details for each of the five tree houses.

"From the custom made railings that our guys found went scrounging for tree limbs to put together," Carpenter said. "Custom hardware made by Caroline Powers a volunteer blacksmith working in our mill at Providence. All of these details add up for to what we have been trying to create a memorable experience for anyone who visits or stays."

The Nest is no different. And why not when its name is The Nest.

"I think what people will love about The Nest is that it actually has a nest," Carpenter said. "It is going to be a kid magnet - well kids of all ages probably - who are going to want to climb up and spend some time up there so this has a two-person bed and the lofts for kids to sleep in. But each one has its own details. This one over here has a spider theme."

The Cannaley Tree House Village also includes an accessible house where four people may stay for the night.

Good luck finding a night to fit your schedule for any of these options because many weekends are already booked out for almost a year and a half.

"I think on Monday or Tuesday we had like 500 phone calls - inquires - about the tree house list," Carpenter said. "They've been very popular already and we don't even officially open until next Wednesday."