Maine, USA's best teachers learn from eachother in D.C.

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 4:43 PM EDT
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Maine’s teacher of the year didn’t win the nation’s top award this week. But, he will return to Maine with new lessons for his peers and students.

Top teachers from across the country are on a field trip to DC. Maine’s Joe Hennessey is one of them.

It’s more than just sightseeing as he takes in iconic memorials along the national mall. “That actually connects with what I’ll be teaching when I return to my classroom next week,” he said.

The English Language Arts Teacher at Guilford’s High School earned the trip when he became the state’s teacher of the year. “It’s ultimately very humbling to be here, but it’s also very exciting,” he said.

Hennessey’s not just here for the experience or recognition. In a city packed with history and world-class museums at every turn, Hennessey expects to learn the most from his fellow, top-notch peers. “Rarely do teachers get the opportunity to network with people from so far afield and for such an intensive period of time,” he explained.

In particular, Hennessey wants to connect with fellow teachers from rural areas but notes there’s a lesson to be learned from everyone. “Hopefully I can draw on their expertise for years to come,” he added.

Hennessey expects to return home a stronger teacher than when he left. Then, it’s his jobs to share all that he’s learned with the rest of the Pine Tree State.

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