Bitter cold temperatures could have a surprising upside come Spring

Published: Jan. 30, 2019 at 3:28 PM EST
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Remember the Ash Borer bug? It killed a lot of trees in Toledo. But that bug may meet its match.

While the forest seems forbidding with the snow and the cold it is that very weather that could save trees come spring and summer.

Justin Burger is an arborist with Davey Tree Service, in Toledo. He says, "There is a little bit of good to this when it comes to landscape insects."

Ash trees, infected by the Ash Borer beetle, may have a fighting chance this year.

With temperatures 15 to 20 below zero, a few beetle eggs may die off. We say "may die off" because -28 is ideal.

Burger says, "We need it to be a little bit colder and for a longer period of time."

But then there's the Bagworm.

When the temps get below zero no bark or blanket will help them.

That could save Spruce and Conifer trees this year.

Burger says, "When temperatures stay below zero for a 24-hour period these insect can be killed off in their over-wintering state."

Which means you could save money replacing those trees the bugs kill and spend less on chemicals to treat those insects.

But the cold weather could be bad for you bushes particularly if they are covered in snow and salt gets into the ground.

As far as your grass is concerned nothing we can do there but replant in the Spring.