First Responder of the Week: Scott Carman

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 7:52 AM EDT
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At Rouen Collision off the Fremont Pike, they're used to making repairs. In November of 2019, no one expected to repair a potentially life-threatening injury.

Chris Murray was cutting straps around an auto part that arrived, when he says the knife he was using went too far and cut his leg.

“I felt back and I noticed there was a hole in my pants,” described Chris.

The cut was deep, and Chris needed help fast. So, he called for Scott Carman.

“I had him sit down and he started turning white and looking like he was going to pass out,” explained Scott, who is the Reconditioning Manager at Rouen Collision. He's also a pastor at Calvary United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids and a volunteer with the Grand Rapids Fire Department.

Scott grabbed a first aid kit and dressed the wound before an ambulance arrived.

“I was worried about the femoral artery. It’s right in that inner thigh right where he cut himself,” said Scott.

“Yeah, it went through about 80% of the muscle in the back of my leg," Chris added. "I was less than a ½ an inch away from the femoral artery and I wouldn’t have made it, if that was the case.”

Not only did Scott save a life that day, he prompted a change in the safety protocols at Rouen.

"After this happened, we did put an emergency plan into action at the dealership in case anything ever happens again," said Steve Murray, father of Chris who also works at Rouen Collision, "but you know, knock on wood, hopefully, that nothing this serious will ever happen again, but it’s always good to be prepared.”

Since the injury, Chris says he has not been able to walk to the same, but he's thankful for Scott's quick actions and thankful to be alive.

“Like I said, he saved my life,” said Chris.

That's why Scott Carman is our 13abc First Responder of the Week.

“It’s neat that they think it’s a big deal," Scott told 13abc. "It’s just helping out someone that needs help."