First Responder of the Week: Firefighter Bill Schultz

Published: Mar. 11, 2020 at 11:30 AM EDT
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Bill Schultz has been saving lives for 25 years.

He can't help it -- it's in his blood. His dad was a fire fighter for 39 years.

"I've been brought up doing this," Schultz said. He serves on the Springfield and Monclove fire departments.

Schultz also shared his love of camping with his dad. The two camped next to each other for years at Shady Shores Campground in Montpelier.

While Schultz's father died in 2017, she continues to enjoy the lake with his wife and two daughters.

"He's always there when somebody needs help for whatever may be going on," Mark Pinski said.

Schultz is our First Responder of the Week.

Pinski is the campground manager at Shady Shores. He said last year a woman got sick at the lake, and Schultz was there.

"He assessed her and she was having some problems," Pinski said. "He knew it wasn't just not feeling good, so he called the squad right away."

It turns out the woman had blood clots on her lungs, and Schultz's quick actions saved her life. Doctors said had he not acted quickly, the woman would have passed away by the next morning.

Schultz has made it a habit of assessing sick people no matter where he goes. And when the campground wanted an AED, he chipped in and provided training.

"Knowledge is power," Pinski said. "The more people that know how to use it, the better off we are up here."

Bill is a life line at the Shady Shores Campground. According to Pinski, whenever something happens at the campground, everyone asks, 'Where's Bill?'

He calls Schultz a hero. That's a word that makes Schultz uncomfortable.

"I am not a hero," Schultz said. "I am just doing what God gave me. I am caring and willing to help anyone that needs help. It's natural."