County workers teach proper recycling to keep items out of landfill

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 2:43 PM EST
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If you're going to take the time to collect, sort, and drop off your recycling, you probably want to do the right thing. But understanding what you can and can't recycle can save time and money, and ensure your items stay out of the landfill.

Angela Kutz works in Oregon. She was at Monday’s meeting and tells 13abc, "I didn't realize that if you put stuff in there, that they couldn't recycle some of it."

Now that Oregon residents can't recycle at the curbside, they're coming to locations like the YMCA to recycle those items. But sometimes they don't do that properly, and that's what Monday’s meeting focused on: education.

Adam Cassi with Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful spent the morning teaching people what they should and shouldn't put in the bins.

Cassi lists some of the bigger offenders: “Food waste, plastics that don't have recycling symbols on them, yard waste, none of that belongs in recycling."

But the biggest problem, Cassi says: "A lot of people put their newspapers in plastic bags and then throw the whole thing into there. But those plastic bags are a contamination. You can recycle them, just take them back to your grocery store. Nothing should be bagged when it comes to a drop-off location."

When Kutz learned that these mistakes were sending a lot of recycling to the landfill, she got frustrated. "For a time, I gave up on recycling because I felt like it wasn't making a difference,” she says.

But when you know what you're doing, you can do a lot of good with recycling. Cassi explains to 13abc, "We want to make sure that the recyclables that get there are not contaminated, so the industry makes as much money as possible. The more money it's making, the more revenue it's generating and the more things it's going to recycle, and that's better for everybody."

According to the Lucas County website, the following items are accepted at the 16 locations around the county:

• Newspapers

• Ad Inserts

• Junk Mail

• Office Paper

• Magazines

• Catalogs

• Phone Books

• Cardboard (Corrugated, Cereal Board, Shoe Boxes)

• Containers (Clean, Empty, Rinsed, Caps on)

• Cans (Aluminum beverage cans, Steel, tin, bimetal, food cans, Foil wrap & containers)

• Glass (Clear, green & brown bottles and jars

• Plastic (NO Styrofoam)

• Plastic bottles for liquids such as milk, soda, detergent, water

• Milk, juice, broth, soup and other food & beverage containers

Recycling Locations:

• Arrowhead Park Fire Station 450 W. Dussell Rd., Maumee

• Eastern Community YMCA 2960 Pickle Rd., Oregon

• Jerusalem Township Hall 9501 Jerusalem Rd.

• Oregon Municipal Complex 5330 Seaman Rd., Oregon

• Pearson Metropark 4600 Starr Ave. Entrance, Oregon

• Providence Township Hall 13257 Perry Rd.

• Richfield Township Hall 3951 Washburn Rd.

• Secor Metropark 10000 W. Central Ave., Toledo

• Spencer Township Hall 9445 Frankfurt

• Springfield Township Fire Station #2 1534 Crissey Rd.

• Springfield Township Fire Station #3 7145 Garden Rd.

• Springfield Township Hall 7617 Angola Rd.

• Swanton Township P. Conway Dr. (off Airport Hwy.)

• University of Toledo- Plant Operations 2925 E Rocket Dr, Toledo

• Village of Harbor View Fire Station #43 4421 Bayshore Rd.

• Village of Whitehouse Village Maintenance Yard 11295 Waterville St.

For more information on specific requirements for recycling, or to recycle other items like electronics or medications,

HAPPENING NOW: Seminar on how to correctly recycle at the YMCA in Oregon. Happening through the next hour if you want to learn how to properly recycle!

Posted by Heather Pollauf 13abc on Monday, December 16, 2019