In search of beef, consumers skipping the middleman

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 3:59 PM EDT
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Finding meat at the grocery store can be a little tough this year, but a fresher source isn't far away.

Thanks to high demand, finding beef at grocery stores has become rare.

John Myers works on his family's farm in Oregon. Along with planting crops, they raise and sell steers. And so far, it's been a busy season. He says, “They're relying on one source for all of this stuff, and it's kind of scary that if that guy isn't coming through to provide for everybody, then yeah, where's it going to come from?"

As people struggle to find the beef they're looking for in stores, they're turning to local sellers, like the Myers family.

Myers tells 13abc, "I think people are understanding that having this local source of good quality meat is pretty important."

John says his family puts out 7 to 8 steers a year. The family hopes to expand to 10 or 15. So, he says he hopes to keep some of his new customers once supply-and-demand is balanced.

"A lot of times, when people try this stuff, they're just blown away. It's such good quality, and the butcher does a great job. Just got to have a freezer and the upfront charge of what it costs."

And it's not just the beef side of the farm that's booming. John says that crops were in the fields by Memorial Day this year, compared to last year, when flooding rains kept them from planting until nearly July.

If you're looking for local beef,