Back to business with a catch after COVID-19

Small business owners in the The City of Pikeville could...
Small business owners in the The City of Pikeville could see some financial relief. The City of Pikeville is offering a one‐time reimbursement grant for businesses most significantly impacted by the governor’s orders are encouraged to apply(WSAZ)
Published: May. 8, 2020 at 4:28 PM EDT
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As area businesses, dentists, and some doctor’s offices get back to work, there are a number of challenges that still lie ahead to financial solvency.

Dr. Angela Jackson, a Rossford optometrist, was lucky enough to receive the SBA Paycheck Protection Loan, which she admitted helped her to bring back her ten employees. Now that they’re up and running, they face the new hurdle of caring for patients with a number of extra safety precautions.

“I have costs of goods that are going up with every patient who's in the office. But if I can only see 50 percent of the patients, it’s going to take a while to make that up," she said. "I predict it's going to be July or August to get to where I was in February and the beginning of March.”

Jackson said while the extra steps reduce patient flow, they are absolutely appreciated and necessary to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Patients enter the doorway and immediately get their temperature taken. After making sure they’re masked up, they can enter for their exam.

“When we would normally be seeing patients every 20 minutes and emergencies, we spread them out to every half hour and even every 45 minutes,” Jackson said.

All the rooms are double cleaned and disinfected in-between patients as well. Jackson even has a box with ultraviolet light to sterilize eyeglasses in between patients.

Jackson said her goal is to keep all of her staff working and hopefully be able to increase the patient load gradually as they get used to the new safety measures.

“They know that if we're not back by June, July, we're going to have to take a look at the books and numbers and make sure that we can keep all 10 staff on," Jackson said, "that's my goal.”