Food delivery robots are all the rage at BGSU

Published: Mar. 3, 2020 at 5:29 PM EST
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The robots have been busy for the last two days, delivering food all over campus at Bowling Green State University. Restaurants offering the service have been inundated with orders for the Starship robots.

"Our robots are very tame, very friendly, and please enjoy it. It's just a lot of fun, a lot of fun right now," said Michael Paulus, director of dining services at BGSU.

Thirty robots from the company started the food delivery service Monday.

"We opened it and it said 'Good morning,' and I took all of my stuff out. I got Starbucks. And then when I closed it, it said 'All right, thank you, have a good day,' and it was so cute I loved it," said BGSU student Kennedy Durco.

Not every BGSU student was so lucky.

"We tried to use it last night but they were so busy we weren't able to get through, so we're going to give it a try tonight," said another student, Alicia Kobasic.

The robots completed nearly 700 deliveries Monday.

"We actually ran out of robots for delivery. ... It was taxing to our robots. Some of them lost their charge a little earlier in the day than they usually should," says Paulus.

Perhaps there is a simple solution.

"Maybe we should just get some more. I'd love to see like 75 right now, just running," said Durco.

Paulus agreed.

"Due to the popularity, we're thinking we might need a few more robots on campus," says Paulus.

In the meantime, the robots look to stay busy for the foreseeable future.

"The robots are out and about delivering all day, so if you see the service paused on the app, you can refresh the app and I can guarantee you the service is back on any minute," says Starship launch manager Hanna Sipos.

The service is funded through fees the customers pay each time they place an order. More restaurants will be added to the service in the coming days. The service is available to students, staff, and visitors anywhere on the BGSU campus.