Neighborhood terrorized by repeated shootings

Published: Aug. 1, 2021 at 12:08 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A neighborhood is on edge after a series of drive-by shootings that have left their homes riddled with bullet holes. Toledo Police (TPD) have responded to five shootings on the 1900 block of Mansfield Rd. in Toledo over two months. Neighbors say they live in constant fear that the next bullet could damage more than just a home.

“What am I gonna do if they run in here and start shooting my babies and stuff?” asked Tony Ruiz.

Ruiz’ daughter lives on Mansfield. Her house is the one being targeted, per police records. The block is filled with quaint houses, manicured lawns, and bullet holes. At least four of the shootings have been drive-bys.

“It’s happening all the time, it’s gotta stop,” says Ruiz.

On July 10th, a 17-year-old, James Hague was shot in the chest at the Ruiz house. He later died. Ruiz says that Hague was baby sitting at the time. Five days later, the bullets were back.

“Then right after the vigil, they came by again. That’s when my son called and said “They’re shooting up the house again,”” says Ruiz.

Betty Delgado-Flores lives next door. Her home has also been hit by the gunfire. Her daughter is worried.

“She says, “Mom, what else can we do? Now someone’s going to call me and you’re dead.” I said, “Well, say bye,”” says Delgado-Flores.

One bullet came through her wall and lodged in her wall after making a pass through the couch - in the exact spot where her husband lays his head to watch TV.

Delgado-Flores mostly worries about Ruiz’ grandchildren. He has eight living next door, ranging from 1 to 17 years old. There have already been 40 murders in Toledo this year; she worries about who will be number 41.

“I’m 65 years old, I’m leaving, no matter what, one day I’ll go. But who’s going to blame these little kids?” she asks.

Delgado-Flores has decided to stayin her home, despite her daughter’s protests. She’s lived there 25 years. But the Ruiz family is gone.

“[My daughter]’s not even staying here now. I don’t want to say where she’s at. But she’s not staying here. Nobody’s staying here. It’s a shame,” says Ruiz.

TPD has made at least one arrest in these cases. Per police records, an 18-year-old admitted to the shooting at the vigil. Court records indicate that he was released on a $100,000 bond the next day. He is currently behind bars facing rape charges. Police say he raped a 17-year-old girl, beat her until her eyes were swollen shut, and threatened to kill her. She is being treated for brain hemorrhaging.

13abc has requested further information from TPD about these cases, but has not received the information yet.

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