Facebook community saves Goodtime One Cruise Tours in Sandusky

Thousands in the “Save the Goodtime One” Facebook group showed their love and support to get the ship back up and running.
The community, private donors, loans and the city of Sandusky stepped up to save The Goodtime One.
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 7:44 AM EDT
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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WTVG) - The Goodtime One Boat cruise in Sandusky is hitting the waters once again, all thanks to a Facebook group of passionate supporters.

Joe Lamb and his family have been running the boat tours out of the Jackson Pier since 2007, and the boat has been a Sandusky favorite for our 30 years. But the Lambs lost 65% of their profits from shutting down almost all operations this past year because of the pandemic. Between that and unexpected bill of almost half a million dollars in repairs from this year’s shipyard inspection, the economic toll almost sunk the ship.

Almost immediately after the announcement, thousands of fans came out to show their support, with the “Save the Goodtime One” Facebook page, sharing photos of their experiences and setting up a GoFundMe Page.

“When the bill hit that $400,000 mark, there was just no way we were going to be able to make that kind of money, or get that kind of support,” Lamb said. “It’s just an astronomical number, but it’s just amazing the people that came together to make sure that this boat stays here, it’s just amazing.”

Between the fundraising page, private donors, a grant from the City of Sandusky, a loan, and a break from the shipyard inspection, the Goodtime One is back where it belongs – on the water.

“It was overwhelming for me to realize this business means so much to everybody to keep this here and going,” Lamb said. “It really takes you from a nightmare of knowing you’re out of business and the failure of it to knowing, OK, we’re back.”

Cruises just started back up and run in the evenings Tuesday-Friday for $10, and their all-day island-hopping Saturday tours will begin in August. For their full schedule and to purchase tickets, go to www.goodtimeboat.com.

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