Staff shortages, mail delays continue to impact USPS

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 5:40 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Jane Petitjean said she went to the post office on Ashland Avenue during regular business hours to pick up mail from her post office box, but the door was locked.

“I was greeted by a sign on the door that said the post office was closed due to staffing shortages,” Petitjean said.

Others at the post office said they were checking on mail delays.

“I don’t even get my mail some days,” said Rochelle Fletcher.

The sign on the door stated, “Due to staffing issues this office closed early today.” It went on to read, “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

13abc contacted a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service about the early closures and delays. Naddia Dhalai replied with the following:

The president of APWU Local 170, Martin Lopez Ramirez, said he was made aware of the sign and the early closures as post offices across the area.

“You shouldn’t have to close one of these facilities to get a day off,” Ramirez said.

APWU Local 170 represents about 360 postal service employees across northwest Ohio. Ramirez says the reason behind the mail delays and early closures is due to staffing shortages.

“I have been here 32 years. I have been a window clerk and in maintenance now, but what I’ve seen is basically a process that has slowed to a snail’s pace,” said Ramirez. “We just have never seen mail sit around and when we are seeing mail sit, it was breaking out hearts.”

Ramirez believes the solution is to expedite the hiring process.

“If someone is interested in this job they shouldn’t have to wait five to six weeks that you have been hired and orientation is coming,” Ramirez said.

Those that rely on the post office on Ashland Avenue, such as Petitjean who has a P.O. box for business, hope more people apply to fill positions.

“It’s a huge inconvenience when we are paying for a post office box that we can’t access,” she said.

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