Remembering Fallen Officer Anthony Dia one year later

Published: Jul. 2, 2021 at 6:19 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The loss of Officer Anthony Dia still lingers in the Toledo police department. Officer Dia who loved dogs and his family was killed in the line of duty. Dia’s father recalled that night.

“Jayme called me and she was screaming Anthony is in the hospital,” said Tony Dia.

He rushed to the hospital. He told me he thought his son was in a car accident on the job.

“When I got there they told me he had been shot. I was like what are you guys talking about. Then from there they just told me he was gone,” said Dia. Alexis road.

Police say Edward Henry who was reportedly intoxicated. Officer Dia approached Henry and the suspect fired a shot at Officer Dia, striking him. Dia was wearing his vest. The suspect was found in the woods dead. He died by suicide. Dia’s father says it doesn’t feel like its been a year since his son was killed.

“It’s not getting any easier. They tell you it gets easier but it doesn’t. It’s getting harder,” said Dia.

Officer Anthony Dia’s fellow classmates described him as an officer who knew how to connect with the community. The department was shaken by his death. His body was wrapped in an American flag and transported to the coroners office. Officer Dia was a devout Muslim.

“When we buried him I got in the hole. They handed to him to me I got to lay him down,” said Dia.

Thousands of officers paid their respects to officer Dia during a memorial at UT. The officers death raised safety concerns within the department. Chief George Kral order all officers to ride in pairs for a short time. Dia’s father says the department needs more manpower.

“In my opinion we should have the same officers that patrol the same neighborhoods at all times. Build a relationship between the community and those officers,” said Dia.

He told me he misses everything about his son. He had this mural painted on the back of his business in honor of his son . Officer Dia’s last radio transmission was: “118, tell my family I love them”

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