Headstone placed on wrong grave at Woodlawn Cemetery

Updated: May. 18, 2021 at 7:34 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Imagine burying your loved one more than a year ago then going to the cemetery to learn the headstone was placed on the wrong grave. It happened to a local family when they went to Woodlawn Cemetery.

“We’ve been coming to a gravesite thinking that we were talking to her. We’ve had prayer vigils out here. We found out apparently she’s not where we thought she was,” said Brelynn Daniels.

Brelynn Daniels says more than a week ago her mother couldn’t find their loved one’s headstone.

“My mom came out looking for her mother and she wasn’t here. She went up to the front office and they informed her that there was a mix up,” said Daniels.

Daniels says her mother was informed the headstone was place on the wrong grave.

Woodlawn Cemetery administrators issued 13abc this statement.

“The Wyatt Family purchased a stone from an outside vendor to be installed at Woodlawn Cemetery. Unfortunately, when that stone was delivered to Woodlawn our staff was not notified, as normally occurs when any stone is brought to the site and for some reason, it appears it was placed on the grounds without any consultation about the proper location. When our ground’s manager was completing a burial on a nearby site he noticed a stone that was not in line with those around it and thankfully researched the situation and installed the stone in its nearby, appropriate location. We still do not know what vendor delivered this stone or when. We had a meeting with the family and explained our actions addressed what could have been a very unfortunate situation. We have very good records and an extremely experienced grounds staff who thankfully knew the grounds so well they were able to discover this issue and make it right. We regret that this is not the first time a vendor has gone around our rules, but we continue to work with families to select quality firms that will ensure they have peace of mind during a very difficult time.”

The family is devastated over the mix up.

“Mother would like to see my grandmother and know that where they moved the headstone is actually where my grandmother is at,”said Daniels.

Staff at Woodlawn Cemetery admit they regret that this is not the first time a vendor has gone around the rules. The cemetery staff is working the family.

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