Vaccine distribution heads into Toledo neighborhood

Published: Apr. 21, 2021 at 11:10 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - With more than enough COVID vaccine doses to go around, demand is dwindling among certain groups. So now the medicine is coming to them.

University of Toledo doctors and students took that vaccine right where it was needed. Monday night, they set up at the Helping Hands of St. Louis Church in East Toledo. Everyone who arrived had a different reason for getting their COVID vaccine.

“I have ten grandkids. I want to see them,” said Kathy Stockman.

Everyone reacts a little differently.

“A little sluggish,” said Frederick Reed.

But everyone could agree this clinic was a hit.

“It’s pretty nice. Easy to get to, easy access,” said Kaela Herrera.

University of Toledo College of Medicine staff and students have offered basic medical care at that location for years, and now they come armed with COVID vaccine.

“It’s important to get out and go to where the people are, especially the undeserved people who have no access to vehicles,” said Dr. Richard Paat.

Dr. Paat has traveled the world to practice medicine, now he’s showing his students the importance of getting to patients.

“Health care is just ... it should be available and accessible and attainable to every single person and that’s just not how it is in the world right now,” said Katie Stibley, a University of Toledo medical student.

“We’re reaching out to the folks who need us the most. You come where they are at a time they can get there just makes thing easier,” said Dr. Susan Batten with the University of Toledo.

Dr. Batten was pleased the vaccine supply is high in Ohio, very glad when people show up for it, and she knows the word is spreading.

“I’m surprised so many people were here. When I got here I thought there’d be 5-6 people,” said Reed.

More than a dozen doses were administered Monday night.

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