First responder of the week: The Harmons

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 7:35 PM EDT
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JENERA, Ohio (WTVG) - There’s no emergency that father-son first responder duo Daniel and Nate Harmon can’t handle. For the Harmons, service is a family business, and they’re answering the call in more ways than one.

Nate Harmon has always looked up to his father, Daniel, a sargeant with the Findlay Police Department.

“One of my first drawings that I did in kindergarten I remember I said I wanted to be a police officer,” he says.

22-year old Nate did not end up going into law enforcement, but he’s still dedicated to serving his community.

“He makes me proud. I get a little teared up every once in a while,” says his father, Daniel.

When Nate was only 15, he and his father went through fire training together for the Jenera Volunteer Fire Department, now known as the Southwestern Hancock Joint Fire District.

“He was one of the first ones to ever graduate the fire academy at the same time he was graduating high school,” says Daniel.

But fighting fires is only their side gigs.

Daniel has his full-time job at the Findlay PD, and Nate is an EMT at Hanco EMS.

They also both volunteer at Appleseed EMS, and Nate also volunteers at Forrest Fire Department and Jackson Forrest EMS.

“I do two different EMS agencies and two different fire departments,” says Nate.

“We’re both very busy, but we always make time for family,” says Daniel.

The two often find themselves on scene, working side by side to help people.

“It’s fun to see him work and see how much he’s progressed and see how much he’s grown over the years. That’s really cool for me,” says Daniel, who describes his son as a patient advocate.

“It’s enjoyable to see your dad at work without your dad visiting you at work,” says Nate.

They says public service is in their genetics, but maybe it’s more nurture than nature.

“I always learned growing up treat everyone with respect, they’ll treat you with respect. Treat them like they’re friends,” says Nate.

He learned that from his dad.

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