Toledo woman tries to unravel mortgage mess

Mortgage Mess
Mortgage Mess(WTVG)
Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 6:36 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A warning now about keeping a close eye on your credit reports and your finances. Problems from the past might still be causing problems now.

Credit reports are so important. They’re a road map to see what’s happened in the past. It’s not about looking at your score but the pieces of it that might set you up for success in the future

Carlisa Benton of Toledo has a mortgage mess on her hands. Her original loan began in 1996. She thought most of the balance was gone recently when she tried to make her finances a little easier.

“I wanted to consolidate all bills beside my credit cards,” said Benton.

She went to the bank she normally uses and has her mortgage.

“She said “Oh yes you’ve been in your house and you’ve made your payments.’ I’m like ‘yeah yeah yeah.” So she said ‘Yes this is going to be quick and easy and we can do this.’ I was like ‘Oh yeah,” said Benton.

That’s when she learned about another mortgage against her home. County property documents show she signed for it in 2001 but she doesn’t recall ever getting that loan.

“I’m like what in the heck is going on?” said Benton.

Then there is this, she also qualified in 2012 for the federal Save the Dream mortgage assistance program. Now she’s trying to figure out where those dollars went. A lesson for everyone to keep up on credit reports, be persistent about asking questions, and always advocate for yourself.

“Always pay attention to what’s going on with your business which I have because I have my receipts but still,” said Benton.

13abc has been checking in with her bank to try and unravel this.

Remember you get three free credit reports every year. The more you’re checking them the sooner you can spot issues and maybe avoid your own mess.

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