New push to return USPS mail processing center to Toledo

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 6:34 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - There is a new push to eliminate the problems with Northwest Ohio’s mail service. A lot of people are experiencing delays and letters and bills and medicine not arriving on time.

Now Toledo’s Regional Chamber of Commerce is joining the fight. One tweak in the system could have a big effect. Something people have been asking for over several years.

Do you ever get mail sent from Toledo, that ends up in Toledo but has a post mark of Michigan? That’s because this area’s mail is processed at the Metroplex near Detroit.

“We’re in a region that has some of the worst on time mail delivery in the country. Our residents deserve better, said Brian Dicken with the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber is trying to help change that. Its sent a letter to Toledo’s mayor and the city council, asking all sides to support a council resolution to bring mail processing back to Toledo. The need comes in part from new data from Chamber members.

“We did a survey. About 70% of the respondents said that they were being negatively impacted,” said Dicken.

Businesses are experiencing late invoices, late payments, extra dollars on expedited shipping on delayed items and supply chain problems.

“This is a problem. It impacts our residents, it impacts our businesses and we need to find a solution that’s really going to help move the region forward,” said Dicken.

The US Postal Service even illustrated the problems in data it sent to the Chamber. The reports show on time performance for first class mail in July through September 2020. The Detroit region has some of the worst results and is dead last in single piece first class for two-day mail.

“We’re definitely raising the issue to a different level than maybe its been thought of in the past,” said Dicken. “Making sure we’re focusing on the impact to residents, the impact on businesses.”

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