Hackers threaten to makes emails public

Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 8:08 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Hackers are back at it trying to get a hold of your personal information unless you pay them money. This time they’re ready to release all your emails to the world. Servers locally may be vulnerable.

Hackers trying to get into your computer is nothing new. They’re smart, though, as protections get better so do they.

“The level is attack is getting more sophisticated. It used to be they would encrypt your stuff and then they ask you to get it back. Everyone got wise to that so they started keeping backup. ‘I don’t need to pay you to encrypt it, I’ll just restore my backup,’” said Jason Slagle of CNWR, IT Consultants.

Slagle says hackers are using vulnerabilities in Microsoft networks not only to steal email and their contents but now they’re threatening to release the emails publicly. Especially sensitive company and business information.

“They’re extorting you. they’re saying ok you’re not going to pay us to get your data back because you have backups, then you’re going to pay us to not release all of your emails to the world,” said Slagle.

It’s a nationwide issue happening in Microsoft exchange servers and Office 365. There is an update from Microsoft that can close the loophole but there’s a catch.

“Unfortunately if you’ve already been compromised it won’t fix it, it will just stop you from being compromised in the future,” said Slagle.

If a hacker threatens you, experts say don’t pay them. Call the authorities or your IT department.

“Gone are the days that you can treat your computer and your network as a toaster oven and just replace it when it breaks. the threat actors are getting a lot more sophisticated,” said Slagle.

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