Racial Double Standard: The lack of police response during the riot at the Capitol

Pictures show stark contrast in police response to riot at the Capitol
Published: Jan. 7, 2021 at 7:11 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Rioters pushed their way past Capitol police, ransacked, looted, and assaulted police on Tuesday. Dr. Patrice McClellan, president of The Ronald Group and a race scholar, says the images revealed more than just a riot.

“The images solidify the double standard that communities of color have been talking about,” said Dr. McClellan.

She says there’s a difference how law enforcement policed Black Lives Matter protests and how they handle white rioters.

“It really showed black, indigenous, people of color, that their lives are not valued in the same way, that there are very stark rules and differences on what they can and can’t do,” said Dr. McClellan.

Dr. McClellan says the violence at the capitol sent a strong message about race in America.

“What does this teach those that have privilege? It teaches them that they can do whatever the H-E-double hockey sticks they want to do. That was clearly evident yesterday. So, we really need to dissect, not only in communities of color, but also in privileged communities - what are the lessons that you learned? Because we saw yesterday the lessons that they learned over centuries are not beneficial for the rest of us,” said Dr. McClellan.

How do we right the wrongs of racial injustice?

“What we are asking and demanding at this point is that our white brothers and sisters who claim to be allies. That they then join us and say you know what I saw it, I saw it and now I see you. Now I hear you and what can I do to help you. That’s how we rectify this thing. It just can’t be communities of color screaming for the rooftop,” said Dr. McClellan.

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