Toledo citizens plead for 48 hours without violence

City leaders are challenging Toledoans to 48 hours of no shootings, stabbings, or violence of any kind following the city’s 53rd homicide of 2020.
Published: Nov. 20, 2020 at 11:56 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) -Members of the Toledo community are saying enough is enough after the city recorded its 53rd homicide of the year Friday morning.

Local leaders and family members who have lost loved ones to gun violence gathered at the Swayne Field parking lot, saying no one should have to bury their child.

“In 48 hours from this time, we will report out no one lost their lives in the city of Toledo in the past 48 hours,” said Toledo City Councilwoman Cerrsandra McPherson.

Councilwoman McPherson is pleading for members of the community to lay down their guns and bring peace to the streets. McPherson explains her 48-hour call to action comes in response to the November 5th triple homicide at Parqwood Apartments in Toledo.

“I am pleading with my young people”, said McPherson. “Let’s stop the killings. Let’s live, let’s enjoy our lives.”

Councilwoman McPherson was joined by Toledo mothers who have lost children to gun violence, who shared their pain and perspective.

“I’m out here trying to save the next kid,” said mother Marcy Turner. “I’m trying to save the next parent from having to hear those words or go to the corners office to identify their child, that’s a vision you never get out of your head.”

“We have to educate our kids about guns and the result of them,” said mother Danielle Gott. “Death is final, there’s no coming back from death.”

Friday night’s event comes just hours after the city’s latest murder of 30-year-old Alvin Volker who was shot in broad daylight at a gas station.

“Just moments before we came here tonight another victim of our city, a murder. 54, just in this year,” said Bishop Brehon Hall with the Greater New Psalmist Church. “As we push toward the record of 1980 which was 60 murders, we must tonight join in and stand in the gap with city councilwoman to say let’s put an end to this.”

Councilwoman McPherson believes this 48-hour plea is simply a starting point to a larger battle at hand.

McPherson says she will be back at the Swayne Field parking lot again this Sunday at 6 PM, to hopefully celebrate two days of peace.

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