First Responder of the Week: Sgt. Amanda Bradley

She's been a police officer for nearly 20 years, and has a long list of ways she's been serving the Whitehouse community in that time.
Sgt. Amanda Bradley
Sgt. Amanda Bradley(WTVG)
Published: Aug. 17, 2020 at 2:56 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Rising star. Role model. Mother. So many words describe Sgt. Amanda Bradley. And ‘officer’ was one that she wanted since college.

Sgt. Bradley tells 13abc, “I like adrenaline rushes, and Government classes were always my favorite. I like working with people, and this is a way I can literally come into work and I have no idea what my day is going to hold.”

But her love for the job goes beyond thrill.

“When I’m working with a family, and I’m helping through some very, very difficult times, and I know that I’ve made it a little bit better for them, I know that I’m right where I should be,” she says.

Sgt. Bradley has been with Whitehouse Police her whole career, dating back to January 2001.

Whitehouse Police Chief Mark McDonough tells 13abc of Sgt. Bradley, “She is probably one of the officers that I have, that the others should emulate.”

Last year, she was named the first female sergeant of the force.

“When you talk about community engagement, if you look it up in the dictionary, she would be community engagement of this department,” says Chief McDonough.

That includes the Youth Diversion program, Safety Town, school resource officer, and she runs the field training program. But it’s her heart that Chief McDonough says sets her apart.

“If somebody’s having a bad day, she’s the first to say, ‘hey, what’s going on?’. She’s intuitive to that, not many people have that intuition, but she’s one of those and is just fantastic for our agency,” he says.

And that’s exactly why her mom, Linda Wilson, says she nominated her for our First Responder of the Week. “I think anybody who comes in contact knows that she is genuine, and she would go out of her way to do whatever needed to be done.”

Sgt. Bradley adds, “She’s definitely my biggest cheerleader.”

And she says she has big plans for the future. Later this month, Sgt. Bradley begins work on her Masters in Counseling, with an emphasis on Military Family and Cultures.

She explains, “We deal with so many people who are struggling with PTSD and so many military and veteran families out here, and I really felt I could bring that into my job as far as working with them hands-on right while we are on scene with them.”

It’s her love for her community that makes Sgt. Amanda Bradley our First Responder of the Week.

“I still love my job. Almost 20 years of it, and I wouldn’t do anything else.”

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